Tuck Volunteers Winter Service Day

Posted on Sun, March 03, 2013 by CBAS Fellow.

As a second year student at Tuck, I have served as an MBA Fellow for the Center for Business and Society, helping out with programming for the Center as well as communications. This blog is a place to showcase some of the great work that Tuck students are leading and participating in at the intersection of business and society. That means different things for different students. For me, it means working with the Tuck Volunteers club that I help co-chair.

Last weekend we had our winter day of service, where about 20 Tuck students and partners volunteer with a local non-profit organization here in the Upper Valley. This term we worked with the Upper Valley Haven, a direct service non-profit that works with families in need to provide shelter, food, clothing and counseling resources to help folks get back on their feet. We arrived at the Haven on a snowy Saturday morning and were greeted by Laura, the kind and enthusiastic Volunteer Coordinator. Laura showed us around the facility and gave us an overview of the services they provide for the community. She spoke of the hardships that many of the people they see are facing with state budget cuts to various service programs and how the Haven tries to rely on private donations to mitigate the risks of being beholden to state and federal funding.  We got to work and managed to do some deep cleaning of the furniture and cook three meals for all twenty people who were living in the shelter. We had fun, and in a just a few hours, managed to make a meaningful impact for our neighbors.  

by Rachel Moss, T'13