Tuck GIVES: A Deepening Career In Health Care Consulting

Posted on Mon, August 05, 2013 by CBAS Fellow.

by Jennifer Ferrigan T'14 (MBA/MPH); Tuck GIVES Intern

With Tuck GIVES support, I was able to work on business case development for two new initiatives with the Department of Radiology, and gain hands-on operational hospital experience in my summer internship at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC).  DHMC is located in Lebanon, NH and is the area’s only academic medical center. In my role, I examined how the Department of Radiology could respond to the evolving healthcare environment as DHMC moves from a fee-for-service model to a capitation model. Traditionally, the Department of Radiology has been seen as a profit center, but in the future as federal health reform is implemented, it will be seen as a cost center. I looked at opportunities for the Department of Radiology to trim costs from the imaging services they provide, ultimately making medical imaging less expensive for patients. 

I have spent the past 4 1/2 years in healthcare consulting, and I wanted to gain additional experience on the operational side. Through my Tuck GIVES internship, I was able to use both my previous work experience and my first-year MBA learning to provide recommendations on how a hospital department could utilize imaging services in the future. 

My time this summer has flown by!  My days have been busy with data analysis, financial modeling, and meeting with various stakeholders across the organization and department.  It has been great to meet with so many people and to learn more about ways that DHMC can provide lower cost care to its patients. I look forward to working with healthcare organizations in the future, and I know that I will definitely draw on the experience and knowledge I gained this summer in my future endeavors.