“The armies of people working underground make life in the city possible.”

Posted on Mon, July 22, 2013 by Carole Gaudet.

by Peter Jacobson, T'14 and Tuck GIVES Intern   

Tuck GIVES support is enabling me to work this summer in an operations consulting role for the MTA, the New York State agency that runs public transit service in the Metro area. My summer project is to develop recommendations and implementation plans to improve productivity for the Track Maintenance Division of New York City Transit. Track Maintenance is comprised of 1,500 people, and spends $170M per year to inspect 812 miles of track and replace defective rails, plates and ties.

I discovered my passion for operations while working in maintenance and distribution management roles for a large cement manufacturer. I am now applying the things I learned there, and at Tuck, to improve operational efficiency, safety and service quality for the five million people that use the New York City subway every day.

It’s exciting to consider the significant opportunities to improve efficiency at MTA. I’ve discovered that I enjoy working at a mission-oriented organization with an intensely local focus. The armies of people working underground make life in the city possible. Partaking in this work is exhilarating, especially when it requires sheltering between structural columns as trains pass just inches away from me. Tuck GIVES support has facilitated my exploration of this less conventional MBA career path, and has helped me find work I enjoy.