Getting Involved: Students—And Prospective Students—Donate Dinner to Local Residents

Posted on Tue, November 05, 2013 by Carole Gaudet.

by Craig Silverman T'14

There are countless opportunities to give back to the local community in the Upper Valley. Many opportunities are organized through clubs such as Tuck Volunteers. Others are more impromptu but no less meaningful, as one of our students recently shared with us.

"Four Tuck students and two prospective students visited the Upper Valley Haven on Thursday, October 24. The Tuck students are all roommates and thought it would be a great experience to give back to the community together.

It was great to connect with the Upper Valley community in a different way. We didn't just donate food for the residents -- we also prepared and served the meal, then sat with about 20 attendees at dinner, swapping stories about Halloween, driving in California, and spaghetti dinners. It was fun to get to know members of our community. We are already planning an evening to go back!"