Come Walk a Mile in My Shoes.

Posted on Mon, July 15, 2013 by CBAS Fellow.

by John Kirk T'14, Center for Business & Society MBA Fellow   

I’m a modern day Al Bundy. No, no, no, not in the way you’re thinking. I’m a shoe salesman. Well, actually I’m working on special projects for Orthofeet, a shoe company that was somewhat recently bought by Tuckerman Capital. So I guess the Mr. Bundy comparison is a bit of a stretch, but it still makes me smile.

At Orthofeet we make shoes and insoles that are Medicare approved for people with diabetes. People suffering from diabetes often experience swelling and neuropathy, a disease characterized by loss of feeling, in their feet. As a result, the feet of diabetics are more likely to become irritated and infected -- but diabetics are less likely to realize it because of the neuropathy. This once led to a lot of amputations, but due in part to Medicare-approved footwear such as ours, amputations are now far less common.

Over the summer I’m primarily focusing on improving Orthofeet’s inventory management. Recently, the company switched manufacturers, causing some inventory flow issues. For one of my projects, I am currently working to help our new manufacturer effectively plan production while getting up to speed on making our shoes.

While I can’t wait to get back to Hanover this fall, right now I’m really enjoying the opportunity to gain some practical experience working in operations. Every day I put into practice things that I learned over the past year at Tuck, and I’m learning how to adjust those lessons to better fit my projects. It’s fun, and on top of that, it’s allowing me to see if I’d like to work at a small private company after school, AND ON TOP OF THAT, it’s giving me valuable experience if I do decide to head in that direction.

Life is good in my orthotic shoes.