A Room with a View to a Career in Social Impact

Posted on Fri, July 26, 2013 by Carole Gaudet.

by Avanti Maluste T'14, Business & Society Conference Co-Chair; & Tuck GIVES Intern

I wake up every morning to two wonderful things: the first is this glittering view of New York City in the morning sun, and the second is the knowledge that Tuck has made possible literally every opportunity I’ve had to work in and explore international development and social impact. In the spring term, it was my first year project involving sustainable aquaculture in Madagascar; this summer, Tuck GIVES is enabling me to work with Synergos Consulting, which works with companies to develop business solutions that generate both financial and social impact by engaging the poor in the developing world as customers and suppliers.

Synergos Consulting is the (start-up) consulting arm of The Synergos Institute, an organization that focuses on alleviating poverty in the developing world by addressing its root causes (access to healthcare, education, etc.). My primary role this summer is to develop Synergos Consulting’s business plan - and MBA year 1, it turns out, has been incredibly useful. I’ve built a financial and staffing model, run a competitor analysis and refined the firm’s value proposition. The most rewarding part, though, is to work with and learn from the team that will take this forward long after I’m gone, and knowing that the work Synergos does will empower people to bring themselves out of grinding poverty.

I love start-ups (and social impact) for the incredible passion people bring to their work, and it’s something that extends beyond the office. For example, we attended a panel on social enterprises that are based in New York. The Tuck GIVES fellowship has done more than confirm that social impact and development is where I’d like to build a career – it’s helped me identify the work culture and environment that I truly value and enjoy.