A Different Kind of Job Search: Social Impact & Environmental Sustainability

Posted on Mon, October 28, 2013 by Carole Gaudet.

Special resources Tuck students use to forge non-traditional career paths

For Tuck students interested in a career like banking or consulting, the process of finding a job is straightforward. Students research firms and prepare for interviews according to a well-established roadmap. While the process itself isn’t easy, the steps to getting a job in those fields are clearly laid out.

Because the opportunities in social enterprise and environmental sustainability are so varied, it takes a bit more research and self-reflection to identify opportunities in those fields. Students must be motivated, and draw on their networking and investigative skills. Doing so can result in dream jobs.

At Tuck, where our close-knit community is one of our most treasured traditions, the Center for Business & Society and the Career Development Office offer special support for students taking non-traditional paths to their first post-Tuck jobs. In the fall, students can attend “Sector Smarts”: a series of conversations with Tuck alumni about their work in specific industries, including these two areas. It’s a great chance to meet and network with young alum, and hear how they arrived at their positions.

As the fall progresses, students are encouraged to join Career Circles. At monthly breakfasts, students share information, resources and leads with one another and directors. They help each other stay on task with timetables and goals. Directors from the Career Development Office and the Center for Business & Society draw on their deep knowledge of past students’ internships and experiences to suggest possible avenues to explore.

The rewards are rich. Students who craft a personalized job search based upon carefully thought-out aspirations have a much higher chance of landing a job that satisfies them both personally and professionally, and sets them off on a lifetime career of exciting, fulfilling work that has direct impact on vexing social and environmental issues. 

You can read about Tuck alumni who have done just that, on our website. Or check out this blog post about how a current student is paving the way to a new career.